Age-Friendly – Green and Diverse Borders

Daffodils in the village announce the start of spring with a spectacular display. They were first planted by the Community Council nearly 30 years ago. The Age Friendly Steering Group are organising funding and management of a project to supplement the surviving plants and create new sites with more diverse content. Once the details are finalised and agreed with land owners they will organise suitable groups from the school and local community.

Details of proposed sites can be seen on the following link. Schedule of proposed sites

Proposed Leeswood Diversity Sites

Ysgol Derwenfa site

This site is suitable for pupil/volunteer involvement and a risk assessment of the activity which will be supervised by FCC Access & Natural Environment staff. Bulb planting tools will also be provided.  The provisional date of Tues 18th October 10am  -12pm has been agreed, with Fri 21st October as contingency.

Flintshire County Council 

The Biodiversity Officer at Flintshire County Council has been able to allocate budgets to purchase native bulbs for the sites and will use contractors for all sites that are not suitable for volunteer involvement. Local residents will be consulted to deal with any objections and possible future maintenance.

Bulb planting will take place in October but it is likely that wildflower seeding will take place in the early spring.

The Guides/Brownies were involved in daffodil border planting in the community around 2 years ago. Members of the Age Frirendly Group and Allotments Group have shown an interest in getting involved in the bulb planting. –  

If you are willing to participate please contact 01352 701429

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