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Council 2014-15                    Council 2015-16                    Council 2016-17

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Councillor Graham Sherwood


Councillor Lesley Richardson

  • Councillor Jayne Atkinson
  • Councillor David Foster
  • Councillor Tim Hughes
  • Councillor Richard Williams 
  • Councillor Eddie Saul
  • Councillor  Ray Hughes
  • Councillor Leah Thomas-Coleman
  • Councillor Joseph Caruana
  • Vacancies exist at the present time. If you are interested in joining the council please contact the Clerk for details

Main matters that the Community Council are responsible for include:

  • The Cemetery
  • Community enhancement via match funding
  • Upkeep and maintenance of the Community
  • Liaising with the Police in regard to Community issues
  • Making observations involving Planning Applications
  • Reporting to County Council Community problems

You can contact the Community Council via our contact form