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It is with great sadness that we announce the recent death of Carlton Jones, Chairman of the local British Legion and local councillor for many years. He is a great loss to the community and our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this difficult time.

Memorial Service Sunday 14th November 2021

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Poems by Local Councillor      Joseph Caruana

Leewswood Soldiers

Brave and Gallant
Rich Red Poppies
On battle fields far away
As far as Gallipoli one may say
Brave men from Britain and the Empire
Stood up and faced the fire

Brave and gallant they all were
The oath of allegiance they did swear
For when the hour came
They fought with courage and with fame

On the eleventh of November
We always do remember
One and all on this one day
Together with one voice to God we always pray.
We know about the fields of Flanders
Where rich red poppies grow
Where brave men fought long battles
As such and every one of us do know

They all marched to war
Without asking what all was for
They did it for us all
That is why their honour stands so tall

The families they left behind
With loved ones on their mind
Whatever their thoughts were
The fruits of their sacrifice can be seen everywhere.

2 Pages of Photographs 2018

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